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Welcome to The Aerie

This is the location you can talk back to the characters of the Phoenix Rising Universe.

If you are interested in writing for Phoenix Rising then please send an e-mail to wvchemteach@yahoo.com with the subject: "Interested in Writing for PR".



The LJ FriendsCollage.
Original by teemus. Early modifications by whitez; later ones by ninkenate.

The Cast

pr_harry Bio: Harry Potter - Harry is currently working as a security specialist for the small company started by his wife Ginny Potter and her brother Bill Weasley. Since the war with Lucius Malfoy really heated up he's been given more or less operational control of The Order of the Phoenix. Ultimately, though, all Harry really wants is to live a quiet life with his wife Ginny, their adopted daughter Tina, and their unborn child.

pr_ginny Bio: Ginny Weasley - After her assault by co-worker Ryan Carrows Ginny found herself unable to return to work for Gringotts. As a fully qualified Curse Breaker she and her brother Bill have started a security business backed by her and her husband Harry's money. She's struggled with facing issues that she's suppressed since she was 11 years old, but with typical Weasley determination she is living her dream: married to the love of her life Harry and raising their adopted daughter Tina, and finally the last piece of the dream has come true, she's pregnant with Harry's child.

pr_ron Bio: Ron Weasley - Ron and the love of his life Hermione finally eloped this past February after not seeing one another for nearly four years. Ron has paid a high price as a Ministry Hit Wizard. He's been literally dead on one occasion, but in the long run he's aquited himself well and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the famous Trio was a partnership of equals. Now he and his wife Hermione look forward to their life together and their first child. Recently however Ron has begun to question if he wants to remain a Hit Wizard his entire life.

pr_hermione Bio: Hermione Granger - With her qualifications and credentials Hermione could probably have her pick of careers. More important than any career considerations, however, Hermione has finally realized her greatest desire, becoming Mrs. Ron Weasley. She's been restless the past few months as her pregnancy has prevented her from being in the thick of things in the fight against Lucius. Still her behind the scenes contributions to the Order's war effort are immeasurable. She like her husband is begining to consider that she wants more out of life than what she does now and is begining to explore career options.

pr_neville Bio: Neville Longbottom - If you ask anyone other than Neville he'd tell you that it is unbelievable that he and Parvati Patil are an item. If you ask any of his friends such as Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione, or Luna they'd tell you that Parvati is the lucky one. Neville has just recently completed the Ministry's Master Certification program in Herbology with flying colours. Now he and the love of his life are preparing their next great adventure: relocating so he can continue his education at the premiere institute for Herbology research in Thailand.

pr_luna Luna Lovegood Luna only recently returned to Britain after spending a few years in Africa finding herself. Since her returna and with the backing of money from the MacMillan foundation she's resurrected The Quibbler and strives to make it the go to source for news in the Wizarding World.

pr_fred Bio: Fred Weasley - Fred along with his brother George have become successful beyond even their wildest imaginations. Now he lives the good life of a consummate bachelor wizard and has no intentions of changing in the near future.

pr_george Bio: George Weasley - George along with his brother Fred have become successful beyond even their wildest imaginations. Life is good for George as he has no shortage of money or entertainment and he has no intentions of changing it.

pr_bill Bio: Bill Weasley - Bill has recovered from the attack inflicted upon him by Fenrir Greyback even if he has never forgotten. He married the love of his life Fleur Delacour-Weasley and they are expecting twin boys. He and his wife also recently purchased their own business a muggle/wizarding bookstore that Fleur runs while Bill along with his sister Ginny have gone into business setting up personal security for witches and wizards in Magical Britain.

pr_fleur Bio: Fleur Delacour-Weasley - Fleur has proven her love and devotion to her husband Bill numerous times over the years. None more than by standing by him when he was savaged by Fenrir Greyback. Life is good for Fleur, she has a husband she loves and whom adores her, twin boys on the way, and she's found a career in the bookstore she owns that gives her great satisfaction.

pr_molly Bio: Molly Weasley - Molly has recently found herself without her brood of children to fuss over. They are all grown and have left the nest; and there seems to be no progress on those grandchildren she so desperately wants. As she struggles to make a new life for herself, she draws upon the thing she does best.

pr_penelope Bio: - Penny, until recently, was married to the black sheep Weasley, Percy. She was on top of the world a few months ago. Her son Andrew was born and she was working behind the scenes to set up a reconciliation between Percy and his family. Tragedy struck when her husband was brutally executed by Lucius Malfoy as a warning and example to the Potter/Weasley clan. Penny has pulled herself up by her bootstraps changed careers to become a "house mom" at The Phoenix House and has adopted a little girl Rachael. If Penny can overcome the maddening grief losing her husband has caused her she has a bright future ahead.

pr_remus Bio: Remus Lupin - Remus's life has been one of ups and downs of late. He's struggled as the Wolf's Bane potion seemingly lost its effect upon him and in his fear nearly abandoned the wonderful family he has. It took his wife having a miscarriage to bring him to his senses. In the meantime he's been conducting a private war agains one Delores Jane Umbridge over the fate of a poor young girl, Harriet, who was bitten and raped and left pregnant by his bitter nemesis Fenrir Greyback. Remus is cautiously optimistic about the future as his wife is pregnant again and he's so far managed to get the best of The Toad. He works in the Office of Werewolf Affairs and is 1/3 of the leadership of the Order of the Phoenix.

pr_tonks Bio: Nymphadora Lupin-Tonks - Tonks has everything she has ever wanted, even if she can’t really make it well known at work. Tonks and Remus have married and have a beautiful daughter, Ella. Still this hasn't come easy. Recent months have found Tonks suffering through both abandonment by her husband when he feared that he was a danger to his family and a miscarriage. However, she is pregnant again and looks to add to her beautiful family.

pr_moody Bio: Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody - Cagey survivor of three wars against dark wizards, Moody along with Lupin, and McGonagall as the leadership of the Order of the Phoenix. While the world has let it’s guard down, “Mad-eye” is still the epitome of “Constant Vigilance!!!!”

pr_lavender Bio: Lavender Brown - Lavender is living proof you can turn your life around after making horrible choices. Finally free of her horrible ex-husband Armande, Lavender has healed the rift between she and Parvati, found a purpose in her life as an administator for The Phoenix House, and found love in the form of Oliver Wood.

pr_romilda Bio: Romilda Vane - Romilda is the hottest new gossip columnist to grace the pages of The Daily Prophet and Witch Weekley since Rita Skeeter. She is beautiful, manipulative, and powerful…and she knows it.

pr_dean Bio: Dean Thomas - Dean left the wizarding world years ago for the promise of the life that he always wanted. However, tragedy struck, leaving him questioning his choices and living a quiet, non-magical existance. Dean recently has learned a terrible truth, his birth father was a pure blood wizard in the front lines of the first war against Voldemort. Dean has dedicated himself to finishing his father's last unfinished mission: find and destroy ancient Horcruxes of ancient witches and wizards that could be used by a practitioner of the Dark Arts to claim immeasurable power. Somehow along the way Dean's heart has begun to heal as he's found love again in the form of one Padma Patil.

pr_oliver Bio: Oliver Wood - International Quidditch star. Admired by millions. Oliver is the starting keeper of Puddlemere United and the Keeper of the English National Team. Additionaly Oliver has broadened his life through the adoption of his son Liam and the love of a woman: Lavender Brown.

pr_parvati Bio: Parvati Patil - A year ago Parvati would never dream she'd be where she is today. A year ago she was estranged from her family and her best friend after losing a competition for his affections. Now Parvati has found true love in the form of Neville Longbottom and the two are preparing for their next great adventure... together.

pr_padma Bio: Padma Patil - Padma's life has been topsy turvy. Her dream job ended when her boss and all her co-workers vanished into thin air. Her dreams of marital bliss ended when she found out her longtime fiance was engaged to another woman by arrangement. She's pulled her life together and found meaningful employment for the MacMillan Foundation and has found love again in the form of Dean Thomas.

pr_anthony Bio: Anthony Goldstein - Anthony always believed he would have all of his hopes and dreams come true if only he could win the heart of his first love Padma Patil. However, after winning her again recently he realized the key to his true happiness had been there all the time in the form of his best friend and now lover Lisa Turpin.

pr_justin Bio: Justin Finch-Fletchley - Justin took a different route than most of his classmates in that he joined the war effort shortly after his 6th year at Hogwarts. He has seen things that few of his peers save perhaps the Ministry 6 would ever see. Justin has overcome more tragedy and setbacks than possibly anyone save Harry. He lost his fiance only to win her back. He "died" only to miraclously return to life. He's had several close calls and scrapes in the line of duty. As his marriage date draws ever closer, however, Justin is considering that it might be time for a career change.

pr_susan Bio: Susan Bones - Susan has worked long and hard to be fully certified as a medi-witch. She is delighted in her job as the house “mom” to the Phoenix House Orphanage. She has reunited with the love of her life Justin and they are engaged to be married. Despite the obstacles presented in the world around them she remains optimistic towards the future.

pr_ernie Bio: Ernie MacMillan - Ernie is a rookie Auror out to do his duty and serve the magical world. He wants desparately to prove himself worthy of his father and his heritage. Ernie did so and more. Unfortunately he lost his life at the hands of Starvos Mulciber in the mountains of Peru while on a mission to prevent an ancient Horcrux from falling into the hands of Lucius Malfoy.

pr_hannah Bio: Hannah Abbott - Hannah was right on the cusp of having it all. She was prepared to embark on a new career that she felt would bring her great joy. She found the love of a wonderful bloke. Unfortunately Hannah lost her life in a pointless attack at the hands of the Lestrange brothers.

pr_daphne Bio: Daphne Greengrass - Daphne lives a double life, lives that are often in conflict. Only recently has she begun to realize what she has sacrificed.

pr_snape Severus Snape - Severus Snape remains to this day one of the most hated and confusing men in the Wizarding World. None understand why he betrayed one he called friend the night he killed Albus Dumbledore. Many wonder just how dark his heart is now that he has been hunted for five years. Above all, Snape is the consummate Slytherin, and in the end he only looks out for himself. Unfortunately for Snape the double-agent life seems to do him. As the German Ministerium's spy against Lucius Malfoy he and his family are walking the edge of a knife. Will Snape's survival instincts continue to serve... and his family as well.

pr_wormtail Bio: Peter "Wormtail" Pettigrew - Wormtail, betrayer, coward are just a few names this man carries. Since the end of the world he has once again went into hiding…waiting for the next Dark Lord to rise for him to join up with. The saying is what goes around, comes around. That proved true for Wormtail when he was killed during a raid against his base of operations the old Riddle Mansion.

Special thanks goes out to potter47 for making the Phoenix Rising Icon, and to mugglewitch1 for the Phoenix Rising Banner and background.

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